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GET OFF MY PLANET! : Walk through
So after a week of non stop playing of this turret defence game I managed to beat it.
this is a play by play walkthrough of everything I did.
I took advantage of the energy bug. I promise that is the only way to beat this game.
here's my srategy:
first I built 5 mines and a terraformer set to a poisonous mining world. I let the first few waves crash into me.
I bought 1 triple lazer and 4 obliterator towers which I used as my only defence for most of the game. Once i had enough money, I bought the research lab and immediatly bought the improved drill bit. then bought a few more mines my gold was at +38
bought my improved scavenging at around wave 35.
Then I bought rienforced concreat.
I also bought Increased radar range, Improved lazers, increased firing rate, and intel on all three enemy ships.
my energy level was at 200. if you position your oblitorator towers just right you can kill most enemies so that your triple lazer doesn't have to fire as much, saving you energy.

now I sold all my energy generators and rebuilt them. this is because the reinforced concreat doubled their hit points. Using the energy bug I built 38 energy genorators, giving me a total energy of 1800.

heres how the bug works: you want to make sure that you DO NOT have enough money to buy an energy generator. click on the energy generator and place it on the map. about 70% of the time it will say "you do not have enough money" but keep on clicking on it and placing it on the map eventually it will build it. when it builds it, it will only subtract about 100 gold. for some reason zooming out and placing the energy tower seems to increase the instance of this bug.

then with my remaining time before wave 51 I built about two rings of freeze towers: one outer ring around the boarder of the planet. and one inner ring around the boarder of my town. I also evenly scattered about 10 emp towers. I placed about 4 large triple lazers. and of course I had my 4 obliterator towers.

right before wave 51 my city population was at 12,000. You absolutly HAVE to buy the hospital and farming upgrade either before, during, or after the first swarm at WAVE 51.

WAVE 51 this is the last wave.
you get pummeled by about 60+ ships comming at you from all directions.
but then there will be a 5 second pause and then another swarm of ships will attack.

I had to use that 5 second pause to shore up my defences: Most importantly I rebuild any oblitorator tower that my have been destoryed during a swarm. Rebuilding my energy generators. and upgrading my city.

after the third swarm of wave 51 I earned well over 500,000 gold in scavenging alone. more than enough to upgrade my city to 25,000. but not only do you have to upgrade the city to 25,000. your population has to actually reach 25,000.
so as the enemy ships are crashing and destroying my buildings I'm replacing much of whats destroyed with hospitals. I had about 12 hospitals at the end.

you don't really need your mines after wave 51 so you might want to sell them just before wave 51 to make room for more hospitals and energy genorators.

so thats it I won, barley, and it was on nooblet level. my final score was 2,424,597.
there were still about 3 ships during wave 51 that were too powerful for me to destory... luckly they decided to crash around my city and not on it.
thanks for reading I hope it was helpful